greywolfmd (greywolfmd) wrote,


on the way home tonight from work.
there was an accident at the light as you approach town.
right in the middle of the intersection.
the lane I was in.
everyone was turning right.
I turned.
almost got hit on the side.
i reacted to that and hit the person in front of me.
he had stopped short.
the person in front of him had stopped short.
to turn around.
i'm ok.
my car isn't.
his car is fine.
mine needs some serious work.
how much it needs is still to be determined(on monday).
an accident caused me to have an accident.
i don't have enough money to take care of this.
i can't ask anyone for money.
i am sinking further into debt.
i have maxed out credit cards to the tune of $2000.
i have bills i cannot pay.
jami says she is going to look for work.
i know it will cut too much into her schoolwork for me to let her do that.
i don't make enough money.
i love my job, but i may have to look elsewhere for better pay.
i am also going to have to find a part time job so that she can continue her education and get her degrees.
i can't seem to get ahead these days.
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